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About PakCTP (Pvt) Limited

PakCTP (Pvt) Limited specializes in driving growth for the world's leading brands especially PAKISTAN (because our motto is: BE PAKISTANI PROMOTE PAKISTANI AND BUY PAKISTANI) through expertise and innovation across our global ad network. Although we are a global ad network, we offer one platform, with local expertise and support.

Since PakCTP (Pvt) Limited is a newly formed company, it is our mission to give professional personal service and attention to our Advertisers and Workers and to create, maintain and optimize the best Ad Network in the online Industry of Pakistan.

Take advantage of our experience, either local or global. Whatever you might need, we offer the right tailor-made solutions.

Company Overview

1. Privately founded in December 2013
2. About 25,000 Clicks per day
3. Fastest growing internet publicity affiliate network in Pakistan
4. Precise campaign targeting to achieve specific advertising aims
5. GeoTargeted campaign
6. Over 100 advertisers in just 4 Days
7. Fast and easy payouts to workers

WHY Advertise on PakCTP (Pvt) Limited

- Setting up and displaying your link for PakCTP (Pvt) Limited members to visit is fast and simple.
- We charge Rs. 8,000.00 per 1000 member visits and each visit will last at least 30 seconds.
- Outside visits are unlimited and included within the price.
- We will review your website and will have it active within 24 hours.
- Your hits will be unique. We will only count the first visit from each person that visits your link each day.

PLEASE make sure that your server can support the amount of requests that your site will get. You will have no way of pausing or canceling your ad once it becomes active.

If you are currently a registered User, please provide your registered e-mail address so we can do a cross-reference.

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