NTN No. 4272956-4

Average Monthly Income

  SuperStar     80,300.00 
  Star     41,366.67 
  Saphire     26,766.67 
  Diamond     21,900.00 
  Platinum     14,600.00 
  Golden     7,300.00 
  Silver     2,433.33 
  FREE     912.50 

  Urgently required for Daily Pak News, Karachi.

  -   Editorial Director (for Karachi)
  -   Editor (for Karachi)
  -   Executive Senior Editors (for Karachi)
  -   Senior Editors (for Karachi)
  -   Deputy Editor (for Karachi)
  -   Senior Executive Editor (for Karachi)
  -   Executive Editor (for Karachi)
  -   Creative Director (for Karachi)
  -   Art Director (for Karachi)
  -   Chief Caligraphers (for Karachi)
  -   Image Editors (for Karachi)
  -   Assistant Editors (for Karachi)
  -   General Manager Marketing (for Karachi)
  -   General Manager Circulation (for Karachi)
  -   Marketing Manager (for Karachi)
  -   Circulation Manager (for Karachi)
  -   Marketing Executives (for Sindh, Punjab, Balochistan, KPK, AJK)
  -   Circulation Executives (for Sindh, Punjab, Balochistan, KPK, AJK)
  -   Bureau Chiefs (for Sindh, Punjab, Balochistan, KPK, AJK)
  -   Reporters (from every city/town of Pakistan
  -   Computer Operators (for Karachi)
  -   Foreign Correspondents (All around the world)

  Please email your complete CV alongwith 01 Passport Size Photograph and 02 References at dailypaknews@pakptc.com.pk.

PakCTP (Pvt) Limited in the Community

Commitment to CSR has been a part of the PakCTP strategy since its inception. Different initiatives reflecting our values are undertaken to give back to the society that has supported our business throughout the period. At PakCTP, we believe that CSR starts with providing the highest quality of products and services at the least cost and with the least environmental impact. From this foundation, our CSR aspirations continue to grow, incorporating processes and activities that aim to strengthen society and ensure sustainable social delivery. Sustainability underlines the foundation for PakCTP’s business endeavors, where we especially engage in strategic social investments, working to empower and uplift communities.

CSR Mission

Our CSR commitments must reflect all facets of our corporate personality – PakCTP as a service provider, an employer, a consumer in itself and as an industry leader. We uphold these commitments through our values, policies and our practices.

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